About the Photographers

Sue Kendrick

Born in Wollongong, on the south coast of New South Wales. She developed a keen interest in photography in her teens, which became a passion when she travelled through Europe and Asia in her early twenties.

Returning to Australia, Sue enrolled in a Bachelor of Applied Science (Photography) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (now the University of Technology). After graduating, she worked for seven years as a Medical Photographer, during which time she received the prestigious Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee Award.

All the while Sue pursued her love of landscape photography on weekends and holidays, inspired by the work of Tasmanian wilderness photographer Peter Dombrovskis and American black and white photographer Ansell Adams. Sue first worked on a large format Master Technika 5×4″ camera, later adding a panorama camera to her equipment bag to record the sweeping vistas of the Australian outback.

Sue has been ‘working’ full time as a landscape photographer since the early ’90’s, though she considers photography an integral part of who she is, rather than an occupation.

Sue has won numerous awards for her work, including first prize in the Kodak Heritage Week Photographic Project and three silver medals for Landscape Photography from the Australia Institute of Professional Photographers.

Sue and Brian have two sons, who enjoy the travelling associated with a photographer’s lifestyle.

Brian Kendrick

Grew up in London and bought his first camera, a Kodak 127, with pocket money, aged 10. It seemed even then that he was destined to become a photographer, but he spent twenty years of his working life in the corporate world before returning to his childhood obsession.

In the late 80’s Brian visited Australia for the first time and fell in love with the land, the lifestyle and Sue, and decided to stay!

Picking up a camera again for the first time in years he first concentrated on wildlife photography, slowly getting more and more involved with panoramic landscapes. With the panoramic medium he felt able to capture what it was that had so attracted him to the wide open spaces of the Australian outback.
When Lightstorm Photography started publishing books Brian took on the design work and these days he divides his time between photography and design.

The Process

Using the Linhof Master Technika 5 x 4” or Panorama (6 x 17cm) cameras Sue and Brian capture their images on Fuji Velvia 50 ISO transparency film. Fuji Velvia is revered amongst landscape photographers for its exceptional sharpness and vibrancy of colour.

Enlarged onto Kodak Endura archival photographic paper, the large format film originals yield prints of outstanding clarity and colour, and are guaranteed for 100 years (200 years if kept in the dark!). With enlargement ratios of less then 8:1 on a 125cm print, the prints offer superior tonal gradation, colour and sharpness to those achievable via digital capture.

Sue and Brian also prefer the style of large format film photography, where each subject is studied, and composition carefully considered prior to capture. Frequently a single image is recorded. Prints are faithful to the original transparency, without resorting to image combination or other trickery.

Selected images from the Lightstorm collection are available as Limited Edition prints. Limited to 250 copies, they are offered with a certificate of authenticity and a lifetime guarantee.

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